Regeneration of bone-a new beginning of life.



What happens when you lose a bone which is a pivotal part in your skeletal system? How c...

This post is about the feasibility of Using 3D printing technology in very complicated cases of bone tumours where sometimes the solutions are not there

In an attempt to exclusivise the super speciality of Sarcoma, our first Sarcoma centre shall be opening soon.

The vision of the organisation is to provide world class outcomes for every Sarcoma / bone tumour patient irrespective of the socioeconomic s...

Once you have been thoroughly examined and checked by the doctor, make sure you have the following before going in for biopsy.

All images should be in digital format - DICOM - CD / USB drive / Dropbox link

1. Xray of the region

2. MRI Preferrably 3T wit...

Once the doctor has scheduled a surgery, there are some important tips you should be aware.

1. Take the date of surgery and date of admission. Some surgeries requires 

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