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Things to be prepared for a biopsy

Once you have been thoroughly examined and checked by the doctor, make sure you have the following before going in for biopsy.

All images should be in digital format - DICOM - CD / USB drive / Dropbox link

1. Xray of the region

2. MRI Preferrably 3T with contrast of the full limb concerned

3.PET CT as indicated

4. Blood tests - Complete Haemogram, LFT, RFT, HIV, HBsAg, HCV

5. ECG and Chest Xray as indicated

As most of the bone tumours are in children, it is better to do under a calmer, less stressful environment for the child - Hence General anaesthesia would be best. Inform the doctor aor any team members if you have any concerns before scheduling the procedure. As most are scheduled please adhere to the time and date. Inform in advance should there be any reason to postpone.

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