Things to be prepared for a biopsy

Once you have been thoroughly examined and checked by the doctor, make sure you have the following before going in for biopsy. All images should be in digital format - DICOM - CD / USB drive / Dropbox link 1. Xray of the region 2. MRI Preferrably 3T with contrast of the full limb concerned 3.PET CT as indicated 4. Blood tests - Complete Haemogram, LFT, RFT, HIV, HBsAg, HCV 5. ECG and Chest Xray as indicated As most of the bone tumours are in children, it is better to do under a calmer, less stressful environment for the child - Hence General anaesthesia would be best. Inform the doctor aor any team members if you have any concerns before scheduling the procedure. As most are scheduled please

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